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  • Ordering a Driving Record on myNCDMV plus-icon minus-icon

      Whether you need to get a better insurance quote, verify a driving history for a new employee, or are gathering legal documentation, you can order a North Carolina driving record for yourself or others through myNCDMV. Both certified and non-cer...
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  • I have not received my Driving Record plus-icon minus-icon

    Getting your driving record Certified/Non-Certified records are made available for immediate download only. To download your driving record click on the Continue button that appears on the payment screen after your payment has been submitted. See ...
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  • Certified records vs non-certified records plus-icon minus-icon

    Certified Driving Record: Certified driving records are official documents and are considered acceptable for court use. Non-Certified Driving Record Non-certified records are not official documents and are not considered acceptable for court use.
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