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New to myNCDMV? We’ll help you renew a vehicle, renew a driver license, order duplicates, and more.

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  • Renew vehicle registration and pay property tax plus-icon minus-icon

    North Carolina combines the billing of annual vehicle registration fees and vehicle property taxes so that they can be paid together on myNCDMV. Note: Your vehicle must be inspected within 90 days of the renewal date to be eligible for renewal. F...
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  • Pay a limited registration property tax plus-icon minus-icon

    Did you recently purchase a vehicle in North Carolina?  If so, you would have been issued a Limited Registration plate, after paying for the registration and sales tax. Residents with a Limited Registration plate need to pay local taxes before a p...
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  • Renewing multiple vehicles plus-icon minus-icon

    You can renew more than one vehicle at a time or add additional items to your cart such as duplicates, driver licenses and state ID cards on myNCDMV. Follow the directions below to renew multiple vehicles:   Renew multiple vehicles on myNCDMV Aft...
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  • Address changes on vehicle registrations plus-icon minus-icon

    The Residential, Mailing and Vehicle addresses for a vehicle registration can be updated at the time of annual renewal or at any other time by ordering a duplicate registration. Why are there 3 addresses?  Address change during renewal Address ch...
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  • Getting your vehicle inspected plus-icon minus-icon

    ​​A motor vehicle registered in North Carolina must pass an annual safety inspection before it can be renewed. Inspections must be conducted no more than 90 days before expiration.  In-state inspections Out-of-state inspections What about emissio...
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  • Plate and verification do not match plus-icon minus-icon

    To renew a vehicle registration on myNCDMV, you must enter the license plate number and last five of the title. If you are getting an error message that "the plate and verification number do not match," this is an indication that the title number ...
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