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  • Why haven't my new tags arrived yet? plus-icon minus-icon

    Your new registration card will be mailed by the NCDMV within 7 to 10 days. If you find it takes longer than this, please contact the NC DMV to confirm your mailing address and check the status of your shipment by calling 919.715.7000 or with this...
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  • Renew a vehicle registration in North Carolina plus-icon minus-icon

    Historically speaking, renewing a vehicle registration in North Carolina meant an afternoon spent at the local DMV office.  But with myNCDMV online services, powered by PayIt, it’s never been easier for North Carolina residents to renew a vehicle ...
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  • First-time titling, registration and transfers plus-icon minus-icon

    Registering or titling a vehicle for the first-time or transferring titles must be done in-person at a local NCDMV office. You can find more information on those what is needed for these transactions on this website.   Note: If you only need to re...
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  • How do I replace my license plate? plus-icon minus-icon

    Unfortunately, you cannot replace a lost or stolen license plate online through myNCDMV. You must go in-person to a local NCDMV office or follow the steps on this NCDOT website for information on replacing lost or stolen license plates. To order a...
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  • Where is my renewal notice? plus-icon minus-icon

    The NC DMV mails a vehicle Renewal Notice to the address of record. If you did not not receive the notice by mail, you can look up the vehicle information on your MyDMV account.  Visit MyDMV. Enter your License/ID number, date of birth, and requi...
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  • Payments by mail plus-icon minus-icon

    myNCDMV, powered by PayIt, only process online payments for the NC DMV. If a payment was submitted through means other than the website, such as through the mail, the PayIt Support team will not be able to provide details on these orders. Payments...
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  • Add another vehicle to your profile plus-icon minus-icon

    Vehicles will be added to your myNCDMV profile automatically when the registration renewal or a duplicate registration has been paid online using your profile.    To add your vehicle: Log in to your Profile at myNCDMV (For more information, see C...
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  • My registration card and sticker have not arrived plus-icon minus-icon

    The NC DMV mails out the registration card and sticker approximately 7-14 business days after an online payment successfully processes.  Please contact the NC DMV at 919.715.7000 or with this online form to confirm your mailing address and check t...
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