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  • Renew an NC Driver License Online plus-icon minus-icon

    North Carolinian drivers can renew Driver Licenses online at myNCDMV. After logging in, click on "Renew a License or ID card" and follow the conversation prompts to renew and complete the payments.  Can I renew my driver license online?  What inf...
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  • After Renewing a Driver License plus-icon minus-icon

    After a Driver License is renewed online at myNCDMV, a Temporary Driving Certificate will be provided by email while the new physical license is produced.  What happens after I renew my driver license online? I paid with my bank account -  when w...
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  • Driver License Addresses plus-icon minus-icon

    Your driver license may be mailed to any address you select when completing your order.  Can I change the address printed on my driver license during an online renewal? Does my mailing address have to be the same as my residential address? Can I ...
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  • Classifications, Endorsements, & Restrictions plus-icon minus-icon

    North Carolina Class C driver licenses may be renewed online at myNCDMV. (See Renew an NC Driver License Online for additional details.) Can I renew my CDL online? I don’t have a REAL ID; can I request one during an online renewal? I don’t need m...
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