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  • Can I order a duplicate credential online? plus-icon minus-icon

    Yes! All valid driver licenses and ID card are eligible for duplicates online through myNCDMV. Note: You must have the following information to order a duplicate online:  Driver License or ID number Date of birth Social Security Number or Imm...
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  • How can I change the address on my driver’s license in NC? plus-icon minus-icon

    Have you recently moved within North Carolina, and need to update the address on your NC driver’s license? With myNCDMV, you can change the address online. No need to wait in line! myNCDMV is a PayIt powered solution that allows North Carolina dri...
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  • What are the fees for a duplicate credential? plus-icon minus-icon

    Duplicate credentials cost $14.00. When ordering online through myNCDMV, there is an additional $3.00 transaction fee.  Note: There is no charge for a duplicate ID card for an individual 17 years of age or older. 
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  • Can I apply for a Real ID online? plus-icon minus-icon

    Due to the required documentation, you are not able to apply for a first-time REAL ID online. To obtain a REAL ID, you must go in-person to a local NCDMV office.  While you cannot apply for a first-time REAL ID online, you can renew or order a dup...
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