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New to myNCDMV? We’ll help you renew a vehicle, renew a driver license, order duplicates, and more.

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  • Create a myNCDMV profile plus-icon minus-icon

    Follow the steps below to create an account on myNCDMV:   1. Visit myNCDMV.   2. Click Continue to myNCDMV Services.     3. To sign up with your email: Click Sign Up. Enter your Email Address. Create a Password. Confirm the Password. Click the ...
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  • What are the benefits of creating a profile? plus-icon minus-icon

    By signing up and creating a profile, myNCDMV can pre-populate form fields, expedite the payment process on your next visit and store all paid receipts when paying online through the app. In addition, renewing your registration or license or compl...
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  • Which sign-on method is most secure? plus-icon minus-icon

    All sign-on methods are equally secure. Options are provided for your convenience, and you can choose to log in or sign up with an email account, continue as guest, or use a social sign-on to log into myNCDMV.  See Create a myNCDMV profile for mor...
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  • Change the email address on your profile plus-icon minus-icon

    You can use the steps listed below to change the email address on your profile in myNCDMV: Note: If you sign in using the social sign on options (Facebook, Google, Apple) you will not be able to change your email with these steps. Contact myncdmv@...
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  • Change or reset your password plus-icon minus-icon

    Reset your password If you have forgotten your myNCDMV password or are locked out of your account, click this link to get it reset. A password reset link will be sent to the email address associated with your account.    Change your password To ch...
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