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  • Schedule NC DMV appointments online plus-icon minus-icon

    Appointments can be scheduled online through NCDOT directly. To schedule an appointment online, visit the NCDOT website here. You cannot schedule an appointment online through myNCDMV at this time.    NCDMV Locations For a list of NCDMV offices, v...
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  • How do I contact the NC DMV? plus-icon minus-icon

    For any NC DMV-related questions, please contact the NC DMV with either of the following options:   Phone Support For all driver and vehicle-related questions, call 919.715.7000. Hours of Operation are located on the NC DMV site here. For driver l...
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  • The NC DMV's response to COVID-19 plus-icon minus-icon

    The NCDMV has provided a list of available resources and services in response to COVID-19. You can access that information with this link.  For more information, please contact the NCDMV directly at 919.715.7000 or with this online contact form. 
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